OHB is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to supporting the success of government officials committed to peace and cooperation worldwide.
The twentieth century brought mankind countless wars and tragic human suffering. During the twentieth century 160,000,000 people died in wars alone. Despite all the dangers and misery it is important to realize that were it not for the courageous, skillful and relentless efforts of government officials, millions of people alive today would have lost their lives, rights and/or freedom.

Unfortunately, our world continues to slide down a slippery slope. The world is more dangerous today than at any other time in human history. We have conflicts throughout the Middle East, Africa, in Eastern Europe and elsewhere. There are terrorists in 70 countries. Some of those more well known are committing barbaric and mindless acts of violence against innocent men, women and children.

They are seeking and may already have Weapons of Mass Destruction. Beyond terrorists, let us not forget that there are also nine nuclear armed states. Some of those states are not as stable as we would like to see. Beyond security matters there are numerous violations of human rights along with many other humanitarian as well as environmental challenges.

OHB advocates the use of ontology based program processes. The processes dramatically expand conscious awareness. This makes it possible for key officials to accurately identify critically important issues bypassed that continually undermine the possibility of formulating highly effective policies and negotiations.

There is no question that dictators, rogue states, terrorists, criminals and others are plaguing our world. They are wreaking havoc all over with their mindless behavior creating chaos, death, human suffering, destruction and instability. However daunting these challenges may seem to be, history has proven over and over again that there are solutions for every problem. The key factor is having the ability to be accurately focusing on the issues necessary to effectively resolve or prevent serious challenges.

Ontology based processes have continually supported the production of unprecedented breakthrough results for 40 years.
Our global security has continued to diminish for decades. It is at its lowest point in human history.